Acorn is the UKís leading provider of Next Generation technologies. We work with over 10,000 organisations of all sizes to provide individually tailored support across all their communications. Market-unique products, honest advice and excellent value propositions are just a few of the reasons why organisations are choosing Acorn. Acorn offer solutions ranging from disaster recovery to remote working; covering connectivity and data solutions, landlines and mobile solutions. All supported by a range of applications such as call recording and queuing, and underpinned by our reporting and management tools.

Customers are at the heart of the Acorn approach with: customisation, reliability, technical support, innovation and clear strategic direction all providing the reassurance needed in todayís marketplace. Acorn has enjoyed great success within the business sector for over 15 years, delivering a range of products, supported by award winning customer service.


Flexibility and understanding

Our group reputation has been built upon impartiality and putting our customers first. Acorn is dedicated to forming partnerships with our valued clients by taking time to understand your organisation then delivering precisely the technical solutions you need, meaning you can get on with what you do best - running your organisation.

We're here for the long-term

The founding principles remaining in place across the organisation and Acorn, the B2B division, not only helped facilitate the transformation towards a successful telecoms business; it continues to contribute significantly towards the groups overall earnings.

Our people

Our UK based specialists have been helping UK organisations find the right solution to save time, money and provide the best local customer service available. Our team takes great pride in its quality of service, with our customers rewarding us with an overall satisfaction rating of 95% and ensuring that our processes are independently audited.

How we work

Here at Acorn, we believe the key to getting things right in the communication industry is the ability to understand your ever changing needs and deliver on our promises.

Our experienced sales professionals are recruited and trained to listen and learn about your business and only then provide solutions that will improve your current situation. They go away happy when they can prove a simple cost savings for your business. They leave fulfilled when they can radically improve the way your business operates. We pride ourselves in our "consultative" approach and are constantly improving our effectiveness in this area.

Our Implementation teams fully plan any new product adoption and ensure you are fully kept up to speed with timings and actions. On more complex and bespoke solutions we provided dedicated project managers and service delivery experts who can dovetail into Implementation teams within your business.

We also recognise that lots of things can go wrong with complex technologies and complicated solutions and our dedicated account management and service teams are fully empowered to think independently and skilled to put things right in a timely fashion. They fully understand how, without effective communication tools your business will suffer. For our more complex customers we can provide nominated points of contact for account management and customer service - tasked to really understand your business objectives, processes and procedures and then even more effective in managing service disruptions and keeping track on changes to your communication needs.

We underpin the above with robust quality and service level monitoring and of course your satisfaction level with Acorn.

How it will help you if you choose a provider that: